General tips



If you're taking advantage of our Promotion in Motion candy rewards, ask people to vote on what combo items they would like to see offered with candy. Then offer that combo as an upsell to the Promotion in Motion candy.

Work with concessions staff to teach the how to upsell survey rewards (Ex: if reward is free popcorn, upsell soda or combo items)

To get people to engage in surveys, post the results in your newsletter. The last question to your survey could be “If you’d like to receive the results on this survey, please enter your email address:”

Make your surveys interactive by asking your guests to vote on timely topics like the Academy Awards or less timely ones like their favorite concession items. This ties into the previous tip.

Tie in local advertisers by offering a coupon or reward to their restaurant/business if they give feedback to your theater.


Tips for dealing with repeat rewards


There will be poeple who will try to game the system to reap as many rewards as possible.

Some may want to redeem a reward after doing two different surveys. This is the perfect chance to upsell to potential customers.

Others may want to brag to their friends about how they can game the system.  This is actually free marketing. 

Feel free to write on your reward, "This can only be redeemed once per customer once per visit. We reserve the right to refuse this coupon if not used properly."



Engagement tips


If you’re trying to engage guests over the age of 40, try using voting instead of feedback. “We’re taking votes on XYZ and would love to hear what you have to say!” as opposed to “Will you take this survey?” Voting seems to resonate more than survey feedback. 

If you’re trying to engage guests over the age of 60, try going in front of the auditorium prior to the previews to say, “We really appreciate your feedback and will be offering free (item) at the concessions stands for anyone who downloads the free app SurveyMe and provides feedback!” 


Tips for collateral




Expect about 50% of people who receive the card to give you feedback.

These cards are best used with movies that target milennials.

Milennials are most receptive to receiving these cards and have the highest chance to pass them along to their friends.

Cards work best when handed out anywhere your guests line up. Examples being at your box office or by the ticket taker when tickets are scanned or ripped. If your ticket taker is placed after your guests visit the concessions stands, we recommend handing cards out at the box office or in the concession line.

Hand these out in the afternoon when your theater is quiet.





Pin buttons to employee’s hats, shirts or aprons. It’s important to train staff to let them know the customer needs to download the app and also know and what reward you’re offering. Have employees download the app to see how easy it is to use and to familiarze themselves with it.


Movie Shorts*


Play the short in your movie preroll show.


One Sheet*


One sheets work best where you usually put your standard movie posters.

One sheets also work well where your guests congregate. Good examples include the condiments area, behind concessions stands and walls outside restrooms.




Restroom Decals*


Using decals in female restrooms will generate more responses.

Decals have been shown to increase guest responses by 30% since users are less distracted while using the restroom.

Placing it at eye level for someone sitting on the toilet seat.


Window Stickers*


Window stickers work best in the concession stand glass and in the box office windows for each ticket taker. Avoid using cleaning solution as it can damage the sticker.



*These items are available from our resource page.